For breakfast on Thursday 11th June I had cheese, gluten free crackers and a mango, Captain Caveman had a mango too – he’s not usually one for fruit. My ankle had finally stopped swelling and looked loads better but I’d ran out of medication so Captain Caveman had been asked to get me some from town. For lunch I made do with strawberries, crisps and sweets but for dinner we had the chicken combo from East Hill, which I had a can of strongbow with!
Although I had no idea when it would be possible to leave the country I still had plans to go to Turkey this year but now I had no flights booked. I had managed to book a flight to Dalaman for 2021 from the UK for after my friend’s wedding. Easy Jet had let me change it for free despite it being a much more expensive flight in the school holidays. I’d only paid £60 for it and if I ended up not going it wouldn’t be too much money to lose.
It was a fairly quiet day and I got quite a bit of Turkish done and some exercise for my leg. I had also booked myself in for another break away from home and was going to see the physio after the weekend.
I decided the next day we were going out and told Captain Caveman to book us a car for the morning.

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