With Captain Caveman away there was less googling for arguing’s sake in the first weeks of June. Here is a list, this time in alphabetical order, for your perusal:

1. Ankle strengthening exercises
2. Body parts in Vietnamese
3. Celebrex 200mg
4. Dong Hoi
5. Dexamethasone
6. Diptheria
7. English to Vietnamese translation
8. Femoral
9. Famous killers
10. Getting soy sauce spills out of backpacks
11. Gok Wan
12. Heat or ice on damaged ligaments
13. How to use resistance bands
14. Julia Gillard
15. Japanese road that looks like a roller coaster
16. Laksa curry ingredients
17. Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac
18. Massage with ice or talc
19. Omeparazole
20. Parts of the foot in Vietnamese
21. Physical therapy for torn ligaments
22. Recuperation
23. Snopes
24. Slander v Liable
25. Tibial
26. Turkish to English translation
27. University in Tokyo
28. World Life Expectancy
29. Weather
30. Zombie by The Cranberries

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