When I woke up on Friday 3rd July I saw news that my mate’s hen do had been rebooked and we were off to Budapest in 2021. We had been booked to go to Marbella this year but had cancelled due to the virus and now the bride and hens had been busy organising a new celebration. I’ve never been to Budapest and have been to Marbella a few times so I was even more excited at this holiday. I planned to go there straight from Vietnam and had a marvellous idea that I might even extend my stay there a bit longer than just the weekend. Flights back from Budapest to London were only £20 in the week and so that looked like a possibility.
For breakfast Veronika and I met for our feast at the Vinpearl hotel again and then I went off to the beauty salon for a head, neck and shoulder massage. The receptionist welcomed me with a pot of ginger tea and a pre massage health questionnaire in a very professional manner. All the staff at the Vinpearl wear their face masks throughout their shifts and it was no different in the spa area. Quynh, the massage therapist, came to collect me and as I followed her on my crutches she headed to a staircase. When I had booked in I had been told that the massage would take place on the same floor but this evidently wasn’t the case and I had to crutch down the stairs with the help of the staff. Once in the room I was given a foot bath and a light foot massage then asked to lay face down on the bed. I’d completely forgotten that I might find it uncomfortable because of my injured leg but it actually worked out ok and the bed was so comfy. The massage was absolutely brilliant and I will definitely be booking in again, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep towards the end and felt so good afterwards. The stairs were definitely more difficult to get up than they were to get down and I was very tired when I got to the top. I had another pot of ginger tea and got a few photos before heading back to my room for a rest and some lunch before physio.

In the evening I met Veronika in the hotel bar at sunset and I noticed that they had our favourite sparkling wine so I ordered it. The waitress thought I wanted a bottle of whiskey at first but we soon sorted that out. It took a while for the staff to get the correct glasses and an ice bucket as they probably weren’t used to people ordering fizz. We invited Des over and we had a lovely chilled out pre dinner drink before heading over to 7th Heaven. Veronika had the chicken schnitzel, Des and I ordered the Australian beef steak and I stuck to water as the restaurant only sells wine by the bottle at the moment. The food, as usual, was fantastic and we had a really lovely evening – it was Des’s last weekend in Dong Hoi and so we had to say goodbye, which was a bit sad. We promised to keep in touch and would catch up in Danang when we next visited.
Before I went to bed I read that in England pubs were getting ready to open the next day and I was interested to find out how it would pan out.

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