After a busy few days I was looking forward to a bit of a mundane day on Monday 15th February. I also needed to catch back up with a few items on my To Do List and start getting back in to the swing of a routine. My exercises had been a bit sparse and I hadn’t been walking every other day, either. The alarm went off at 7am and Captain Caveman went to the Farmstay to collect his motorbike before heading back to the Glass House to get ready for his 2 day Oxalis tour. As well as the Son Doong tours he also does 2 extra days per month on other tours where it is more of an inspection trip. Captain Caveman always enjoys going on the other tours so he was pleased to be heading to Hang En. I got an extra 1 hour sleep, finished the series of The Big Bang Theory I had been watching and did some blogging. I didn’t have any breakfast because I spent the rest of the morning doing some of my exercises and reaching number 1 on the Diamond League of Duolingo. It was already lunchtime so I had some leftover tortilla and the carrot cake from last night. I carried on with more writing and ate some crisps! I had a bad stomach (probably because of the cake or eggs) and decided to have a rest. I started watching Love Island while doing crossword puzzles. By the evening I had a really bad back and a massive headache so I just had dry bread for dinner and went to bed early. I was grateful for a day just to myself, to be honest!

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