I finally got to sleep in until 9am on Saturday 20th February and I was absolutely thrilled! It was nice weather and so I decided to take Bluey, my bicycle, for a ride to the French Road and back. It’s just less than 2km and the route I have been walking so I thought it would be a good one to try the cycling on because then if I had to, I could walk it back. I pumped up the tyres and double checked everything, as well as taking the pump with me. I didn’t take a phone, a bag or my house keys but I didn’t expect to be very long. I was going to time it on my watch but as I set off all of the staff came out to watch (how embarrassing) so I forgot to press start. I found it hard but it wasn’t particularly painful and Bluey was quite whizzy. When I got to the incline at the turn around point I was very slow and it was tricky, but I made the U-turn without stopping and carried on back again. If I had to guess it took me about 15 minutes tops and it went well. I wished I’d had a photo or video but I’d have to wait for Captain Caveman to come with me for that.
I had not had breakfast but did have cheese on toast for lunch and wasn’t ill, which made a change but now I still didn’t know what was causing my allergic reactions these days. After rattling through my To Do list I started watching a Leftovers programme on Netflix and then had a glass of wine with Veronika. She had meatloaf (from Momma D’s), mashed potatoes and green beans for her dinner while I had masaman curry (from the freezer) with rice and sweet corn and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had been quite a good day for me, and I was happy to have finished day 2 of being frugal with the cash, spending no money at all today.

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