The noise was blaring out from the tannoys again from 5.30am on Sunday 21st February and had finally stopped at 6.45am! I went back to sleep and managed to sleep until 10am, it must have been all the exercise yesterday. I had toast with butter and toast with jam for breakfast because I was really hungry by the time I’d read all the news. One of the reasons Vietnam has had a lot lower Corona virus numbers is because of their prompt testing and tracing. The Health Minister here is asking for increased testing too, read here;
All big events have been stopped again in Saigon as a precaution, see below:
In Vietnam they don’t mess about with rule flouters here and will do all they can to prevent and punish accordingly, check this out:
It was worrying though that so many cases found are asymptomatic making the spread harder to stop, here’s the info:
There was great news in the UK with regards the amount of vaccines being given so far, this means by mid November all vaccines will be fully completed and all protected before Christmas, assuming the same rate and all goes to plan, source below:
The rest of the morning I spent blogging, writing, editing and learning languages and then just after 2pm, when the roads are quiet here, I decided to try the same bike ride to the French Road and back. This time I remembered to put my stopwatch on and was really surprised when I got back to find it had taken 10.5 minutes. It was a sunny day and I needed a shower but the cleaners had snuck in to clean our room so I decided to clear My List on Netflix, then started to watch The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel. It was intriguing but annoying as they pronounced the hotel Cee-cil throughout but was ok.
Once showered I headed up to Phong Nha  Farmstay for dinner (the infamous Sunday roast of course). Matty and Veronika were there as well as recently returned Steven & Laurence, and Ben, of course. This week I went for the full works and only took home a small portion of the veg for my fried rice. I also had to go for the chocolate fondant dessert, which is so indulgent but good. 
I had ‘spent’ 300,000vnd (£9.30) for Sunday roast, a good measure of red wine plus a dessert on day 3 of the ‘being careful with money mission’ but was unable to actually pay by card until Tuesday – this was working out well for me as Captain Caveman would be back tomorrow so he could pay.

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