The first thing I did on Friday 19th February was read the Vietnamese news about what was happening with Corona, here. There were plans to reopen Vietnamese schools (more info here):
People returning to Saigon, from the areas with outbreaks, after their Tet holiday would automatically get quarantined (see below):
It was also a good reminder that, although it was great news that a vaccine was becoming available to people I knew back home, there was still quite a way to go before we could all get too excited (info below):
The announcement on the tannoy had been belting out at full volume since 6am, without music, so Captain Caveman was up before his 7.30am alarm. He, along with Ali (the filmmaker) and the rest of the group, were off to Son Doong this morning and this time he did remember to give me some money. Having done the 4 day challenge to spend less cash previously, though, I was on a bit of a mission to see if I could ‘not go too mad’, after all we had quite a lot of stuff in the fridge at the moment and wine in the cupboard. We had a couple of red peppers which were starting to wrinkle and so I decided to lightly fry them and then store them in a jar of olive oil.
For breakfast I decided I would have the rest of the pepper that wouldn’t fit in the jar with some sweetcorn, a dragon fruit and a pot of jasmine tea. I had intended not to eat again until pizza night later but ended up having toast and butter mid afternoon.

For pizza night at The Villas I was picked up directly from our place, Veronika had already walked it to the Farmstay so was in the bus when I got in the front seat next to her. It was a good mix of pizza lovers tonight, including Chris (the Belgian) and his lovely Vietnamese girlfriend, Huong. As we arrived Tatas was there to meet us and we all ordered drinks (I went for the included in the pizza deal, diet coke as I was trying to stick to a budget). The pizza was amazing this week and I managed 6 slices, maybe more, 2 of which were the Showstopper (my favourite). Chris generously insisted on paying for a bottle of wine which he shared between him, Huong, Matty, Tatas and me and it was a great night as we celebrated Chris and Huong’s last night before they flew back to Saigon tomorrow morning.
We arranged to keep in touch as we had a similar sense of humour, which can be hard to find outside of your own country.

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