Captain Caveman’s alarm went off just before the loudspeaker at 5.30am on Wednesday 24th February and, while he went off surfing, I did some French Duolingo studying in bed, until the noise stopped at 6.30am. I did an hour of editing blogs and then went back to sleep until 10am.
I had toast for breakfast while Captain Caveman went straight to Oxalis Home for coffee then The Villas for breakfast, where he bumped in to Veronika and gave her a lift home. When Captain Caveman returned we decided to cycle to the Farmstay, which I think is further than to the French Road, but apparently it’s the same distance. It was definitely a bit more difficult because there is a bit of traffic and more things to concentrate on but I made it in 11 minutes and 12 seconds. We had lunch at the Farmstay and I was quite thirsty so had a soda water with my Bun Cha, Captain Caveman had chicken quesadillas with chilli jam and a beer. On the way back Captain Caveman suggested we take the long route and go to the French Road, cycle along the river and come back to our place via the road I usually walk – the scenic route! It was hard work and I worked on trying to keep my bad foot from turning out and my knee going in! It took me 22 minutes and 39 seconds but I was a bit disappointed because Captain Caveman reckoned it should take about 20 minutes. He had sped ahead and I had hoped it was to get video or a photo of me but it wasn’t.

Captain Caveman’s video of me cycling to the Farmstay
Captain Caveman’s video of my cycling back from the Farmstay via the scenic route and trying to keep my bad leg straight

In the afternoon Captain Caveman braved the pool while I caught up on more tasks (on a sunlounger) and read some interesting news updates.
Is it just me that thinks it’s a ridiculous idea for medical staff to not have their uniforms provided and cleaned within the facility that they work in? It was no surprise that this had been proven:

I was still feeling quite lively and so I suggested we go for a walk to the French Road to try to catch the sunset over the paddy fields and mountains. It was a lovely sunset walk and Captain Caveman managed to get some great photos and videos. I did time the walk but we kept stopping and looking at the great views so it was 41 minutes and 46 seconds. We are so lucky having such amazing scenery on our doorstep and I never get bored of looking at it.

I was hungry when we got back and had some tortilla, made by Captain Caveman, and a Strongbow. That evening we shared some wine with Veronika and Captain Caveman cooked us a chicken spaghetti while Veronika had homemade soup and toast. We watched a couple of Breaking Bad episodes and went to bed early, ready for another get up before sunrise!

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