It was great weather here in Phong Nha on Thursday 18th March and I had my bikini on for the second time this week. It was the first time I actually swam in the pool too, even though it was still a bit too chilly in the water. Our garden was looking really good and I admired all the pretty flowers around the place. I heard from Captain Caveman to say he wouldn’t be back as he thought and would probably go straight to his briefing on Sunday 21st so I might not get to see him much before his next tour. I had a Snickers which gave me a bad stomach and so I was convinced it was the lactose in it. For dinner I had chicken, salami and pasta with onions, green beans, and olives in a tomato sauce with spaghetti and a couple of small glasses of the wine I still had from Tuesday.
I was able to spend no money at all today which made up for the previous day’s expenses!

There was a quieter loudspeaker announcement on Friday 19th March but it still woke me up! I had a bad stomach before I even ate anything and could only put it down to the pasta having gluten in last night, perhaps. I’d had toast for breakfast, my stomach was back to normal and, because tonight was pizza night, I just had popcorn for lunch. I was on the balcony, shade bathing, when the cleaners came – they were now on to afternoon visits instead of the morning. I wasn’t prepared for them and so all I could do was sit on my sunlounger and finish off the rest of the wine from Tuesday.
The minibus for pizza night picked me and Veronika up – there was already Hamish, Ania, Mik, Kendra, Bryan, Matija and Daria on it and we were off to The Villas to celebrate the last night as a group. It got messy, we drank loads and ate so much pizza I thought I might need a lay down!
Kendra and I shared 2 bottles of red wine which Matija said was shit (it’s my favourite one) and he was hilarious at being a Croatian wine buff. We all had pizza except for Mik who attempted to eat the confit duck leg and a portion of french fries. I told him the chocolate almond cake was better than sex so he had a piece and had to agree, as did some of the others who had a taste too! We didn’t have a late night as Hamish and Ania were booked on a 5.30am train to Danang the next morning, while the remaining three were leaving in the afternoon. I had spent 650,000vnd (£20 ish) and was sad that my new friends, who made me laugh a lot, were leaving. We made plans that Captain Caveman and I would go to Danang to meet up with them in the next couple of months. Hamish and Ania already had plans to return to Phong Nha and had been thinking of staying longer.

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