We were awake at 5am with the loudspeaker announcements on Friday 14th May but it wasn’t a problem because Captain Caveman was excited to be getting his jab. Oxalis had arranged for staff to be registered to have the vaccination and was the Astra Zeneca vaccine given in 2 jabs. Health workers, teachers, people working in tourism and other essential sectors are given priority and a certain amount of vaccines had been despatched to each locality for distribution. 
In the news, reports that more vaccines will be coming to Vietnam, which was good news:
It was interesting to see that, like in many other countries, mental illness issues were taking  their toll on people:
I had a late breakfast of chicken, still good from yesterday and when Captain Caveman came home he said all had gone well at the hospital. I had more chicken for lunch with bread and wasn’t ill.

That evening we joined Veronika, Ben and Matty for pizza night at The Villas, where we got to try some new cocktails which looked and tasted great. We  shared a bottle of red wine plus a couple of cocktails. It was a good night and the pizza was great, as always, and my favourite is still the Showstopper; proscuitto, blue cheese, fig jam and spring onion – it is amazing!

Captain Caveman joined Ben on a trip to the beach for some surfing at 4.30am on Saturday 15th May where they had breakfast at a great little cafe, selling prawn and mushroom rice porridge.
I read the news and a very interesting insight in to what was happening in a locked down hospital in Hanoi:
For Vietnam there had been a big increase in cases with the 4th wave and the Indian variant did seem to be spreading so much quicker, more info here:
The country was sad to hear that Corona death number 36 had happened too, it had been a while since Vietnam had reported a death from the virus – was this going to be the first of more in this wave? 
When Captain Caveman got back from the beach he mentioned his arm ached from where he had the jab but he felt fine and he had a short nap while I went in the pool and lounged on the balcony. When he woke up he made us bacon, sweetcorn and spaghetti in a tomato sauce for lunch. In the afternoon there was finally one of the storms that had been predicted and a lot of thunder. That night Captain Caveman and I went to the Farmstay for dinner, he had an Aussie meat pie and chips and I had my favourite Beef in Bamboo with a couple of glasses of red wine. We were home and in bed by 9pm, Captain Caveman not knowing if it was the jab making him tired or getting up during the early hours to go to the beach.

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