Monday 2nd August wasn’t the best of days, I had a slice of buttered toast and was ill straight away. I went to access my online banking and wasn’t able to because my bank card had expired and so I couldn’t even check if my new card had been sent to my UK address yet. This was not going to be ideal as this meant that I had no bank card to be able to use if I needed one to leave Vietnam with – great timing but I should have left here in April 2020 when all my cards were still in date.
Captain Caveman had gone to Phong Nha and I read a strange news article about something that had happened at a checkpoint in Vietnam, more info here:
When Captain Caveman returned he had some updates from his morning at Oxalis; there was still no word on the 2nd vaccine situation (of which they only had until Friday to have it), while some of his colleagues were off back to the UK, Captain Caveman had confirmed he would be staying in Vietnam for the winter. He would be delivering training to the Oxalis guide team, 3 days per week, throughout the winter season. For lunch we had leftovers from yesterday; chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and green beans which was really tasty.
We had 600,000vnd (£19.20) to last until pay day on Friday so we arranged to go to Curry night at the Phong Nha Farmstay with Stu and Jack. We had 2 happy hour beers each and a curry each which was really good, with nan bread and steamed rice. I saved a little bit to take home and it was a great night, until we got home and Captain Caveman decided to cause an argument.
I was desperate for a pee when we got in so I went for one and while in the bathroom I grabbed some Antisan cream for my 4 or 5 mosquito bites, which I happened to complain about having and that was it! Captain Caveman hates it when he hears complaints and says that I do it all the time so now he was having an argument that I talk about toilets, mosquitos and ants too much and that he was sick of me mentioning them. I was pretty sick of him losing his temper at me and that when he does, it’s always at night, after a lovely evening out and also around the time when the visa extension issues arise (I was noting the correlation and putting it down to him either being upset I have to leave soon or cheesed off that I haven’t left yet). I know he does love to argue but I don’t, so I didn’t even bother, which made him more argumentative. While I was upset he fell asleep pretty much instantly and snored like a pig for most of the night. I had no sleep until the morning but I had made a list of all the things I can no longer mention in front of him and decided I’d wait until we were on a night out with all his friends or work colleagues and then mention each topic – loads!

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