When I woke up on Thursday 14th October I felt very sick! The dinosaur egg of a cyst had decided it was going to hatch and I was willing myself not to faint as I took off the blister plaster and dealt with the mess while vomitting in to the toilet. It was disgusting, painful and completely nauseating and I felt so ill that I thought I’d not be able to eat or attend the special surprise I’d booked for my parents’ anniversary. So that I could take my 3rd day’s medication, I forced down bread and butter for breakfast in between puking up and did my best to make myself feel better. I met up with a friend, Diane, at 11.30am and we went to a new coffee shop in the square next to Migros, called Dal. I had a herbal tea which was a bit weird and Diane had some sort of coffee, she was off back to the UK tomorrow so she was looking forward to getting back to England. While we were there we saw a few people Diane usually goes to Zumba with, including Maria the instructor, and they said hello. Even though the weather forecast had said it would continue to rain, the weather was lovely and I went home in readiness for an afternoon with my parents, who were celebrating 49 years of marriage.
We were booked in at River Terrace for an afternoon tea with prosecco and even though I was feeling rather unwell I soldiered on knowing it would be a great afternoon and that I’d finally get to have a jam and cream scone after more than 3 years! I was obviously disappointed that I couldn’t drink the bottle of fizz but the lemon water and the tea were still very good. There were sandwiches, quiche, hummus, bread sticks, cucumber, coleslaw, pasties, cheese scones, normal scones, jam, clotted cream, shortbread, cheesecake and brownies – and it was delightful. Sara and her friend Sarah do these events around once a fortnight and do an amazing job. We could not eat it all and ended up taking some home, in my new Tupperware boxes!
Afterwards I was desperately needing a long lay down but, as it was a special occasion, we decided to have a walk through town and for a drink at Dalyano. I’m not sure if my Dad’s dodgy knee was hurting him or that he was sad to have stopped eating cake but his mood had changed as they ordered a gin and tonic, me an iced peach tea, and he seemed a bit grumpy. Because I had eaten too much gluten/dairy/egg which I’m sensitive too I started to get bloated and had a stomach ache. A year ago I would have had a far worse reaction so I had definitely got better, but I decided it would be best to go home and we walked slowly back. I’d eaten the most calories I’d had in a week, in a long time, so I knew tomorrow’s weigh-in was going to be horrendous – I also felt like my stomach was huge. We said our goodbyes and agreed I would go over to ma & pa’s apartment tomorrow around lunchtime. Before bed I had to wash and redress my cyst which made me feel ill and it was so sore. If there was no improvement tomorrow I would go back to the hospital.

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