On Wednesday 5th October Captain Caveman went to help out at the Dog Shelter, we affectionately call this Dogging. The Dalyan doctor called to let me know I could get my booster tomorrow at 10am and I did a bit of stuff on my laptop while the house was quiet. In the local news a paraglider had died at Babadağ so we thought this might put Gay Gaz off doing a jump, but it didn’t.
I made a chicken and veg fried rice for a late lunch which was very tasty.
We went out to look for a new cheese grater, as ours was broken, but we didn’t find a decent one. Instead, we popped for a beer in the sun outside Sofra bar where we happened to bump in to a couple of reprobates. We didn’t stay too long as I’d decided to cook my own version of a Hunter’s Chicken with wedges and carrots that evening. This meant we didn’t eat until 9.45pm but it was quite tasty.

Captain Caveman went Bumming on Thursday 6th October, our name for helping out with the Riverbums. I went to get my 6th booster vaccine at the local doctors where I saw local expats, Judy and Eddie, there and said hello. The jab itself was so quick that they were done before I noticed. As soon as I got home the app had been updated.
We packed our overnight bags and decided to head over to Mark and Kate’s early as we were taking over the cat and house sitting duties from tonight. Captain Caveman is allergic to cats so he was in a bad way quite quickly. We hadn’t brought any food with us as usually Kate has very little room in the fridge and no free freezer space so we ordered food from Sosyete and washed it down with a glass of red wine. There was a power cut which was fairly lengthy but this didn’t affect our dinner delivery. We went to bed early, a storm was starting but the power had returned.

Photo credit – the Riverbums for the ones of Captain Caveman

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