We were woken with a bit of a jolt on Tuesday 18th October as Captain Caveman’s side of the bed collapsed. Captain Caveman got his tools out and got on with fixing it while I was supposed to be at Turkish class but the class had been cancelled. I made halloumi salad for lunch and then gave Captain Caveman a hand turning the sofa upside down so he could fix that too. At 2pm I went to singing group where Kate and my mom also joined. We sang most of the favourites from last week but we added a couple that we really liked; ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival and ‘Top of the World’ by The Carpenters.
Mark & Kate had arranged to meet Matt & Vanessa, who had arrived in Dalyan late last night, at Tez bar so Kate invited us 4 along too. Sheila also joined us and a random couple got stuck with our group when there were no more seats. After one drink and a quick change, Captain Caveman and I had to leave as we were off to Katrina & Mehmet’s wedding reception at Hotel Dalyance.

The wedding party was really lovely and we were honoured to be invited as they had kept it just to close friends and family. Louize had made the cake which looked amazing, all the wedding party looked great especially Katrina, who was looking so beautiful and happy in her gorgeous wedding dress. I was rather too busy mingling and reminding Captain Caveman of names of people he might have forgotten, after being away for 3 years, to take as many photos as I should have. There was a free bar which we were conscious not to abuse the generosity of and we chatted to some lovely people. We got home after midnight having had a fab time.

Photo credit – Tez and Captain Caveman

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