Captain Caveman was not too clever on Wednesday 19th October when he got up to go Dogging. He was very sneezy, as if he was still near cats but he hadn’t been. His mood was also a bit iffy and he seemed to have a bit of an issue with me having my things around the home. While he was gone I decided to do a clear out of some of my clothes, as I had 3 boxes of them in a cupboard which would not fit in the shared wardrobe.
The Wednesday Fun Quiz at Retro bar had been moved to Thursday for this week so my parents, Captain Caveman and I had a spare evening to spend at home. When Captain Caveman got back he hardly spoke, was very sneezy. We had diet pizzas for tea, watched some Netflix then went to bed.

Captain Caveman went Bumming on Thursday 20th October while I sorted through my winter clothes. Captain Caveman was still under the weather and I had started to feel a headache coming on.
For lunch Captain Caveman made halloumi salad, he put some shelves in a cupboard in the afternoon. We decided not to go to the Retro bar fun quiz tonight, my parents went to Firat’s for dinner but we stayed in again.

Disappointingly, the training workshop I was due to be part of today had been moved on a month. On Friday 21st October Captain Caveman was very productive, he’d been to the shops and he was cooking a full English breakfast. In Migros he spent 165.60 lira (£7.88) on a toastie loaf, eggs, cereal and chicken. Before breakfast I did my weekly weigh and measurements only to be a little disappointed. My weight was 0.3kg lighter but my measurements were showing I’d increased by 1 or 2cm.
We’d eaten the delicious breakfast and washed up before 9.30am so we could waste more time on the communal electricity issue. I had read every meter in the B Block cabinet but none of them seemed to correlate with the communal electric. I decided to have a look if there was a specific meter for this in A Block and we found it had been cut off, with cutters and a tag had been put on by the electric company, we presumed. This was very strange and I could not understand why they would do that, especially when Captain Caveman had just paid almost 2500 lira (£120) about 10 days ago. The last time I had spoken to Aydem about this they said they couldn’t do anything without me having a paper bill or the correct meter number. We still had no paper bill but maybe the tag number would help? I planned to ask my Turkish teacher to help me on Tuesday as we were getting nowhere.
I did some Turkish practice and homework, we had curry for dinner and then we joined my parents for Lukka Music Bingo. Adam & Kath were on the next table with Sue, Nigel and Amanda so everyone got introduced and the Bingo was good fun. Our table of 4 had said we weren’t eating at Lukka because we had all eaten dinner at home. For some reason Captain Caveman ordered an halloumi starter at a cost of 65 lira (£3.10) – my homemade curry obviously hadn’t filled him up enough. The men had 3 beers but the ladies only had 2 as we didn’t want to be hungover for tomorrow’s outing.
As usual the Music Bingo was great, we didn’t win but we had a fun night – this time not a wild or late one.

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