Tuesday 6th December turned out to be busier (and more stressful) than I had hoped! I walked Charlie, had tea and toast for breakfast, put a BBQ style chicken in the slow cooker and tried to finish something on my laptop. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, due to interruptions, and by late morning, I was on my way to Mark and Kate’s house with my rucksack and a portion of sausage casserole. They were both going back to the UK and I had already booked in the pet sitting for the kitties, before Charlie had come along. Because Captain Caveman is allergic to cats, he would stay with Charlie, while I went to Mark and Kate’s to look after their 6 cats for a week – it sounded so simple at the time!
When I arrived, they were almost ready to go and Kate pointed out her Christmas trimmings, including a tree on the wall which was a great idea with cats. Kate had left me some things in the fridge to eat, including pide, and there was red wine for me too. My bedroom was nice and tidy and I moved my stuff in before getting ready for singing group at 2pm. I was pushing it for time so I’d asked if I could borrow Kate’s electric bike. On the way there the bike felt very loose on the steering, it didn’t have much charge and the front tyre looked to be going down. I didn’t even get as far as Rehab bar before I had to get off and push the bike as the back tyre was going down as well. I messaged Captain Caveman and Mark for advice on what to do with the bike, locked it and left it at Rehab, then set off walking to Charlie’s. When I got there the downstairs door was locked, for the first time since I’d been there and I didn’t have that key, Captain Caveman did and when I called him to let me in he didn’t answer. I was late for Singing group, which started off well when one of the members of the group requested we have some more cheerful songs this week and Nanny Kay took over shouting out the next song to save it being repeated several times. At the end of singing I had a bit of a to do with Madge who asked my Mom if I was pregnant (again)! I was not in the mood for this and told her she needs to stop saying things like that, I tried to be diplomatic and say that there are women who would be more offended than me for being called fat! Crikey, maybe my diet wasn’t going so well, after all.

After Singing group I walked back to Charlie’s where I had hoped to have dinner with Captain Caveman but, because I needed to get the bike back to Mark and Kate’s before it got dark, I left straight away. Captain Caveman came with me to pump the tyres up a bit and said it would just about get me back. I ended up pushing it some of the way but got back in time.
I was hoping to get some stuff done today but had failed and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the next fiasco. As I was feeding most of the cats, I could hear one of the cats sounding like it was coming from the front bedroom, which was locked. Squeak, the cat, had accidentally got locked in there and I had no way of knowing how to get her out. Mark and Kate were on the flight so I had to wait until they had landed to get a response. They were delayed and it was late by the time their friends, Michele and Nick, came to Squeak’s rescue and had to break in through a window. It wasn’t easy and I was so glad to have had their help. I finally had some warmed up sausage casserole, a glass of wine then went to bed. It was cold so I was glad of an extra blanket to keep me snug and it certainly did the trick.

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