On Monday 5th December Captain Caveman went Dogging while I worked through my to do list. I put a sausage casserole in the slow cooker and found that it peaked Charlie’s interest for most of the day as he really wanted sausages.
I went to have crumpets for breakfast and they were already mouldy so I wasn’t too impressed. I cut the mouldy bits off and only had to throw one of them away. Charlie sunbathed on the balcony as the weather was nice again then later we took him to the Waterfall pub. We bumped in to John and Andrea and had a good laugh with them, including John and I finding out we could both still get earrings in our ears despite not wearing them for decades.
Back home I tried to make Yorkshire puddings to go with the sausage casserole but the non-fan oven didn’t seem to get hot enough and they didn’t rise!

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