On Monday 6th February at 4.25am I woke up thinking that the dogs were walking up and down the bed. I thought I’d overslept so I checked my phone for the time. I also noticed that Brad had replied to say he’d got home ok but he’d had missed calls and messages from his mom, dad and girlfriend! I looked over to the dogs after putting the bedside light on and they were still asleep. I thought I must’ve been dreaming or still drunk and went back to sleep. When I woke up again I heard the terrible news of the horrendous earthquake in East Turkey and Syria. I checked the time of it and it was when I’d been woken up. Friends in Antalya said they felt it there, where the rooms shook as if someone was trying to break in.

I was definitely looking forward to Katrina and Jamie coming back from Antalya today. I think I’d found my doggy limit with 2 dogs and a very young puppy. I quickly wolfed down some cereal and a cup of Yorkshire tea for breakfast. I took the 3 dogs out for a fairly short walk and told them that they were going to see Jamie and Katrina later. Norman was impatient, Little Ted oblivious and Edna needed further information related to an exact ETA. As I was cleaning up and getting ready for my departure, I realised I’d not yet eaten up the bacon Jamie had told me I should have (how unlike me)! I cooked bacon with pasta, mushrooms and a cheese triangle for my lunch and there was a bit left for later. I was hoping the 6.5 hours of walking I’d done this last 4 days would help with the weight loss and counteract the alcohol. Little Ted had found himself a little bit fond of Dennis, the doorstop, so I had to sit him on top of the water cooler so he couldn’t get humped or peed on.

By 6pm the dogs were getting impatient for their owners to come back, especially as some of Jamie and Katrina’s luggage had already arrived before them, courtesy of Ünal. I ate the rest of the bacon pasta and put some moisturiser on my sore hands. I’d washed them so much this weekend, from cleaning up puppy pee, that they were cracked and stinging.
They were finally back, but the mood was pretty sombre as I started to realise that some of our Turkish friends had family in the areas affected by the earthquake that morning. At the time, none of us realised just how bad it was.
When I got home I sat with a blanket on the sofa enjoying the peace and quiet!

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