Tuesday 14th February was a good day, despite me waking up at 3.40am. It was cold and I obviously went back to sleep. At 8am I got the best message ever from Captain Caveman. We don’t often spend Valentine’s Day together so it was nice to know he loved me. 
For breakfast I had chocolate and tahini with bread and some cherry juice. I was trying to be good seeing as I had Fat Club tomorrow and I’d gone way over on my syn allowance this week. For lunch I had a simit with cheese spread and in the afternoon I went for a walk, then to the shops and bank.
Here’s what I bought and the prices in lira;

Migros Supermarket
Wet wipes 13.90
Stuffed vine leaves 17.90
Cheese spread 18.50
Eggs 22.45
Green peppers 24.14
2 Quark 25.00
Carrots 27.75
1 tin chopped tomatoes 29.90
Total spent 179.54 lira (£7.98)

I’d planned a non-valentine’s Valentine’s Day at mine that evening and everyone was bringing some food and drink.
On the guest list was Ann, Nanny Kay and Jamie. Ann brought a massive salad and some other healthy nibbles, including potatoes, Jamie brought his version of a chicken şakşuka (aubergine and tomato based), I had the rice in the rice cooker and had made vegan Bolognese (using lentils instead of beef mince) which I’d stuffed the green peppers with then roasted. I poured the drinks and we had a good natter. We sat at the table to eat and all the food was delicious, and healthy. However, le pièce de la résistance was Nanny Kay’s dessert; she’d not let us down with her promised Christmas pudding and cream. It was amazing and quite naughty, but a great way to end our Valentine’s evening. As a treat, Nanny Kay had also bought me a bar of chocolate which looked a bit too tempting.
It was 1am by the time I got to bed having had a really nice night with close friends.

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