I was not feeling very well when I woke up on Sunday 23rd April with quite the hangover. As I cleaned my teeth, I forced myself not to be sick then went downstairs to make a cup of tea. I saw the paper coffee cup with red wine still in it, which went down the sink. My phone wasn’t in my bag but my purse was and I had managed to bring my rucksack home. I looked in the rucksack as I needed to find my phone and was worried I’d lost it or left it at Sofra bar. When I opened my rucksack, the phone was in there but the battery was dead, I also realised my trainers were still at Mark and Kate’s place. I should have stuck to the diet but I was conscious I’d not eaten since yesterday lunch time. I joined Mark for a breakfast/brunch at Wonky’s, Kate couldn’t be bothered to come so she stayed at home. Wonky’s had recently reopened and we had a nice chat with the lovely owners of the bar, Eleonor and Şahin. Mark and I decided to share the rather generously portioned full English breakfast between us, as I don’t eat eggs or tomatoes and he doesn’t like mushrooms. While I made every attempt to keep an orange juice and a tea down me, at almost midday, Mark ordered a beer! Wonky’s had made some improvements and it was looking slick; the floor had been replaced, the bar/kitchen area extended and a lick of paint on the furniture. It felt clean and welcoming despite my terrible headache, while Mark and the owners harped on about alcohol a bit too much for my liking, in my fragile state. The breakfast cost 220 lira (£9 approx) but we struggled to finish it between us. We split it thus; 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 toast, 2 potatoes, all the mushrooms and half the beans for me then 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 toast, 2 fried eggs, 3 potatoes, all the tomatoes and half the beans for Mark. For the record the waitress was more than happy to give us a spare plate to divvy it up on to, and the extra knife and fork – we didn’t take it in turns to eat from the same plate! It was lovely but it took me more than an hour to eat my half and I ended up giving Mark a bit of my left over sausage.
I was about to get ready to pay and leave when Mark ordered another beer and set the pool table up. He was messaging the pool gang so he wanted to check out the table. I was so ill I thought I’d get 7 balled but it was a close finish in the end.
Back home, I went back to bed for a bit and when I woke up, it was dark. I ate a jacket sweet potato for dinner but couldn’t manage all of it. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and my diet was almost unsalvageable! I had 3 more days to go until Fat club and I was already on 196 syns after that night out and the very tasty breakfast!

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