I was up early and off to the weekly market on Saturday 22nd April to get a small amount of fruit and vegetables. I had just 2 weeks left in Dalyan so I didn’t want to be buying unnecessary items, if I could help it. On the way, I walked past my parents’ place and the pool was being filled up ready for the summer season, ours was still not done. 
It was a nice sunny day, no need for a coat, and the walk to the market was very pleasant. I bought apples, carrots, strawberries, onions and spring onions but I didn’t take a note of how much I spent this week. I’d arranged to go to Mark and Kate’s and, because the bridge was down, I got a taxi with Fikri. It was now 70 lira (£2.90) for the 10 minute journey, which wasn’t bad and saved me walking or cycling on the busy beach road on a holiday weekend. Once there, Kate and I had a short spot of sunbathing before having a beer, Mark went to Rehab bar to meet the pool gang. Later, some friends popped over for a soft drink and it was nice to chat with them.
Kate made a delicious and fairly healthy pasta and chickpea lunch, with her home made pesto, sun-dried tomato and feta cheese. It was so good that we both had seconds and another beer. As the weather was warming up it meant that Kate could be wearing the birthday dress we had got her. It was a Vietnamese one with a complicated tie on way of wearing it so I helped Kate get the knack of how to get it on. Most of the cats were out and about but I did get to see one of the babies having a snooze in her bed.
Kate and I got a taxi in to town to meet the pool gang at Rehab bar for what should have been a civilised afternoon. This blog really does write itself sometimes as we were in for quite a night!

By 5.30pm on Saturday 22nd April, I was on my second pint of draft Efes at Rehab bar, the diet was going well! I’d been chatting to Janice, who’s hand was swollen, and her husband Steve which made a nice change as I don’t see them out much. John, Andrea and Kate had gone to chase the sunshine over at the White House while Mark finished playing pool. Someone came up with the bright idea of calling in to Rodrigo’s bar ‘for one’, on our way for dinner at River House, and it seemed like an ok idea at the time. Mark, accidentally on purpose, ordered a beer for himself and a bottle of white wine for Kate so I said I’d share with Kate. Penny cycled past and saw us, called Phil back, and they came to join us for one. By the time I’d caught up with Penny and Phil, and they had invited me to their’s for dinner on Friday, it was getting kind of messy. Needless to say there was no dinner at River House and I just caught the last of some pizza and other takeaway food being snaffled to my right, as Penny and Phil said bye to my left! It looked like it was an ‘eating is cheating’ kind of night for me! By 8pm Kate, Mark and Andrea were trying their hand at pole dancing and I had that sensible voice telling me not to – I couldn’t risk an injury this close to seeing Captain Caveman for the first time this year!  Before 9.30pm, I was outside helping a rather sozzled Kate, who’d nodded off in Rodrigo’s, in to a taxi. 
My resistance to join in the pole dancing was short-lived when Jackie turned up to meet friends and I opted for the low level pole engagement. The flower man and his girlfriend gave the pole dancing a good crack but Ozzy, the bar man, showed us all how it should be done. By 11pm I’d met up with Sharon, Bex and Abi and we were drinking more wine, dancing and taking photos. When John and Andrea called it a night, Mark, me, Julie and David went for one in Mustang bar then Mark and I finished the night off with a shared bottle of red wine in Sofra bar.
I just about remembered getting the rest of my wine put in to a paper coffee cup as we were getting thrown out, being the last 2 in there in the early hours – it was completely game over! I had drank 4 beers, a bottle of white wine and almost half a bottle of red wine, with no dinner and I felt a bit sickly!

Kate on the pole
Andrea on the pole
Mark on the pole
Ozzy on the pole

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