I was awake at 3.30am on Monday 12th April with terrible indigestion resulting in me having to get out the Maalox. The tannoy was on form at 5.30am for an hour, so by 7am I had done quite a bit of blogging, writing and languages. I had a banana and some strawberries for breakfast and then had another vegan lunch from my Earth Cafe takeaways. This time I tried something which was a first for me; tempeh with green banana and mushrooms. The taste was very different but I really enjoyed it and found it very filling with a piece of fresh baguette. Phuong picked me up at 2.30pm for my ride to The Villas to celebrate a whole week of no alcohol and a couple of days of eating vegan food. Captain Caveman would meet me there after he got out of his Son Doing trip. Even with the shopping trip spending I had been very frugal with the housekeeping this weekend and so I still had 1,000,000vnd (£30) left to splash out on a bottle of wine, even though it was technically Margarita Monday. I decided to have a bottle of white wine with an ice bucket, some soda water and a bowl of peanuts. Captain Caveman arrived, having had an excellent tour group and was drinking the wine a bit too fast. We had a margarita and then the car for Chay Lap arrived. It wasn’t my intention to join Captain Caveman, Dat and Coc for their gala dinner but Nguyen, the head guy of the fertilizer company, invited me and insisted I join for the fish and goat BBQ. Before we sat down for dinner we had a few margaritas at the bar and then we all sat in the garden at a special table. The men from the tour made various speeches about how much they enjoyed their trip and how appreciative of Captain Caveman’s input they were, which was lovely to hear. Captain Caveman did a speech to thank them all and then the lads got even more on the booze than they already were. We ate soup, morning glory with garlic, roast pork, rice crackers with snails, river fish and goat. Coc had made an amazing video of their tour which we watched and applauded at the end. Captain Caveman was drunk and when the group CEO asked for Captain Caveman and I to do a duet love song he desperately needed me to help him out. I’d had 2 margaritas by this time so I told Dat and Coc to load us up Lose Yourself by Eminem and, if I do say so myself, I took one for the team! The group absolutely loved it and then insisted we all sing more, most of the group were great singers and a lot of songs were sang, in the end Captain Caveman had to sing Country Roads, which was then the cue for me to take him home. It had been a great night with the men from Ca Mau, and we now had another place that we wanted to visit when we get chance for a trip down south again. When we got home I set the alarm to make sure Captain Caveman got up in time the next day.

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