I’d already pre-ordered some fresh bread from the Lake House for Captain Caveman to pick up on Tuesday 13th April. Veronika had also ordered sourdough for all of us via Bich and so we were about to be rather full of bread in our house, just as my gluten intolerance returns! The tannoys this morning were quiet with only a short announcement which was a relief for anyone with a hangover. Captain Caveman went out for the shuttle service but it was late by 15 minutes and he then didn’t even go to The Villas for his breakfast, just to pick up his bicycle and call in to his work. I had a banana, grapes and strawberries for my breakfast at home and then plonked myself on the sun-lounger by the pool for the rest of the day. I had more Earth Cafe food for lunch with a delightful vegan spaghetti which I really enjoyed and could easily have eaten that dish again.

When Captain Caveman returned I suggested we have a walk to the Farmstay as a bit of exercise for my leg and we took my walking poles. The walk took us 32 minutes and 45 seconds which is still slow but Captain Caveman took videos of my walking and it looked to have improved.

Captain Caveman’s video of me walking to Phong Nha Farmstay
Captain Caveman’s video of me walking to Phong Nha Farmstay

We sat with Veronika, Karl and Sue and I had a couple of ciders, Andrew and his 1 year old were in the pool but joined us and then Bich joined us too. For dinner it was shepherd’s pie night with a new deal which is 300,000vnd (£9.30) and includes a drink and a dessert, we decided we would have something different today. Captain Caveman had meat pie, chips, veg and gravy which is 120,000vnd (£3.72) and I had duck a l’orange for 160,000vnd (£4.96) and both are great meals. When we got home, though, I wasn’t too well again and had a bad stomach, I was beginning to wonder if I was just allergic to eating out! It was just typical that I would be ill again when Captain Caveman had the day off tomorrow too.

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