It was Labour Day on Monday 3rd May and so I decided to stay at home and avoid people, this would turn out to be a very wise move as the Corona situation in Vietnam started to take a turn for the worst. I had a gluten free pancake with fruit salad and honey for breakfast, there was no tannoy sounds blaring out and then I checked the news. It was not pretty;
Parts of Danang will close bars and other non-essential businesses today, as Vietnam tries to prevent the 4th wave:
At the same time some businesses in Saigon and cafes in Hanoi were closing from today:
There was a big hunt for escaped Chinese from quarantine:
Hanoi had reported more illegals found, not far from Hoan Kiem:
Very worryingly, a doctor at a hospital tested positive and so the entire hospital in the north was locked down immediately:
The Prime Minister of Vietnam sent out a message about extra vigilance being needed by all:
Meanwhile a suspected case in a Danang hospital from a worker in Hoi An caused the hospital to be put in lockdown:
Also Danang reacted to repatriation and expert flights coming in from abroad:
Wow, this time last week we had just returned from Danang – how lucky! After my healthy breakfast I got my swimmers on, as it was a scorcher of a day, and I noticed my new glasses had arrived from Quang Optic in Danang. I tried them on and was very pleased with them, even though Captain Caveman had said he thought they were too big when I’d sent him a photo of me in the opticians with them on. I spent the rest of the day in and out of the pool and eating fruit salad.
In the evening I decided to have hotdogs without bread but the sausages weren’t very nice and I had to wash them down with a glass of red wine.

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