I didn’t have any breakfast on Tuesday 4th May as I was too busy reading the news by the pool. The schools in Hanoi were closed, more info here:
The news reported that the 4th wave in Vietnam had started, read here:
In Ha Long Bay a cruise ship had to be quarantined, more info here:
I had a gluten free pancake with bacon, mushrooms and some of the leftover sausage for my lunch and then got on with some swimming. As I lay in the shade on a sun-lounger I got a message from Tatas to say she fancied a steak at the Lake House tonight so we arranged to do that. My intention was to walk up but then it rained so Tham and Tony kindly came to pick me up. It was the first time I was going out without my support bandage on my knee so I decided to wear a dress which Tatas had given me ages ago. It had been too tight but now it fit a lot better and I even had my hair down, my new glasses on and a pair of sandals (bought for me by Khanh Linh) which I could wear again now my ankle was getting better. When we arrived at the Lake House we chatted with Tony, who had been having it large this weekend, so needed an early dinner and bed. Tatas and I shared a bottle of red wine (or two), had steaks, sweet potato fries and some broccoli. We got chatting to people on the next table who had come for dinner and it so happened that Captain Caveman knew Neil, a keen cyclist and that Charmaine, from Canada, had been on the Hang En tour 6 years ago with Tatas and remembered her! Tham joined our table for more conversation and we had more wine and Tequilas. It got quite messy and we ended up having to stay the night at the Lake House, in one of the nice twin rooms, overlooking the lake! We had a great night and I really enjoyed our steak, wine and tequila night – it made us miss our friends in Danang though.

Photo credit – Tatas, Tony, Tham, the Lake House waiter

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