On Tuesday 25th May there was no sleeping in at The Nest Hotel in Dong Hoi because I was waiting from 7.30am to find out what was happening with my ‘missing’ passport. I waited, with no news until 8.35am and could take it no longer so I asked the agent for an update. It transpires that the shipping, which was meant to start on the 22nd, hadn’t until the 24th. Their reasoning being that because flights were also delayed it was going to take 5 days to be delivered from Hanoi and was still in transit. I was mad – it had not even arrived in Dong Hoi at all. I could have cried but of course I just needed to actually get my passport back from wherever ‘in transit’ happened to be. And I was so disappointed that my passport wasn’t going to arrive until the 27th!!! I was going nowhere until then because I needed to make sure I got my hands on it before I had to resubmit it again for June.
We went to breakfast at nearby Mr Bull’s where we both had Bo Ne (me without egg) and it was very nice indeed. We discussed what our new plan was, now that Plan D was my only sensible option but didn’t really come up with anything – I was too upset and there was nothing I could do about it.

Back at The Nest Hotel, after our delicious breakfast at Mr Bull’s, we had to decide what to do next. I was obviously concerned that my passport could be lost and would cause lots of hassle and cost to replace. Captain Caveman was definitely cheesed off that it was now 2 days since he should have been on holiday and we should have been flying from Saigon to Tam Ky tomorrow to go to Le Domaine de Tam Hai if Plan A or B had worked. Plan C was now going to be either cut short or more expensive and still 8 hours in a car (me, without any ID). It was a bit too stressful and we decided to go for lunch at Earth cafe where I had my favourite vegan udon soup while Captain Caveman had a vegan burger. It was incredibly hot but the decisions were made, we would stay another night in Dong Hoi, given that the shipping document (which I now had a copy of) said my passport had left Hanoi on the 22nd (not express as requested) and even at the slowest we thought it must arrive by tomorrow!

After a walk from Earth to Tree Hugger on our way back to the hotel we took some light refreshments inside the cafe with a white russian each. Not having had much luck that day, so far, I was pleased to notice that they had behind the bar a bottle of Frontera Merlot wine, which was a screw top. It was the best news I’d had all day and we took it back to the hotel to drink it out of the bathroom glasses! I was doing quite a bit of walking around the streets of Dong Hoi today and Captain Caveman got a few videos of me which, I think, show improvement.

Captain Caveman’s video of me walking in Dong Hoi

Captain Caveman dealt with the passport/no holiday issue in what I would have considered an odd way; he decided to play a Candy Crush style game on his phone and played it for ages without speaking! I tried to talk to him, insisted he went somewhere for a holiday while he still could, but he wasn’t in the mood for discussing it. He blamed the situation on me because if I had used a different agent then we wouldn’t be in this situation and I should have known that asking for a quicker service wouldn’t work – he questioned why I’d let it be sent to Hanoi to be done anyway and said I was stupid! The icing on the cake was when he told me not to speak about my passport again because he was sick of hearing me go on about it! So that ruined the rest of what was already a fairly rubbish day – it’s not like my passport isn’t the most important and valuable thing I own, is it!?
Eventually we decided to go out for dinner to Geminai, I was hungry so I agreed and off we went. We ordered a few things to share but our bad luck had not ended today, yet. The grilled pork starter was disgusting and tasted like jelly – both of us spat it out. The morning glory had soy and chillies in so I couldn’t eat it and so I had a whole bowl of plain rice. Captain Caveman had 2 warm beers but because my coke was warm I had to wait until after the meal for it to have chilled in the ice bucket – in my opinion there is no reason a restaurant should serve warm drinks. The duck with special sauce was very nice, though, and I managed to eat almost a third of that. I was still hungry so we called at the shop on the way back to the hotel for something to snack on. I eventually decided on cashew nuts but when we got to the till they were £4.55 so I told Captain Caveman to put them back and got a small packet of jellies. While all this had been going on there was a steady increase in the Corona numbers and it looked more likely that the 4th wave was about to get a bit more serious. 
What a day!

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