Captain Caveman was up early on Monday 24th May, cycling over to Phong Nha and, although disappointed he hadn’t gone to Saigon or Tam Hai, we were optimistic for today. I booked a car with the Farmstay to take us to Dong Hoi so we could collect my passport from my agent, who was very certain that the postman would be dropping it off any time today, and we would be able to leave Dong Hoi for a break.
I read in the news of two more Corona deaths, number 43:
and number 44, a 38 year old woman with no underlying conditions, more info here:
There was some groundbreaking news for Singapore which would be amazing, more info here:
I had an apple, some grapes and a pot of jasmine tea for breakfast, then finished off the brown rice crackers and had a couple of gluten free crispbreads for an early lunch. I was all set, the agent had sent me a photo of a document which she translated to say my passport had arrived in Dong Hoi, at the post office, where she went to collect it, but was told the postman still has it and will bring it as soon as possible. When we got to Dong Hoi we had already decided to book a hotel instead of a car or a flight, we really wanted to get my passport back before we left too. Captain Caveman booked us in at The Nest, recommended to us by Momma D and was a cheap but nice place to stay. We paid 500,000vnd for a one way ride to Dong Hoi to collect a passport which seemed to be taking an awfully long time for the postman to deliver, and the hotel was 400,000vnd for the night. We decided to have a second lunch at Tree Hugger where Captain Caveman shovelled his egg salad sandwich down him and I had veggie fried spring rolls. By 4pm my agent had sent me a message to say she still hadn’t received my passport, or seen the postman, and even she admitted she was worried. We had been sat in Tree Hugger waiting for her to bring the passport, while drinking white russians and hadn’t accounted for this. I was not happy and, with a missing passport, we went back to the hotel to get showered, replan and get ready for dinner.

Captain Caveman and I decided that we didn’t want to leave the area without my passport so all plans were on hold for now, instead we would stay in Dong Hoi until my passport showed up! I told Captain Caveman he should go on holiday without me but he said he preferred to spend time with me so he wouldn’t go. At 6pm the visa agent updated me that the post office didn’t know where my passport was but couldn’t check because the staff had gone home so she would call them tomorrow at 7.30am – I was very stressed. I knew my visa had been extended until the 9th June but if I needed to report my passport lost and get a new one sent to me, it would take longer than when I needed to resubmit it.
That night we decided to walk to one of our favourite restaurants, 7th Heaven, to cheer us up with a steak and wine. We had forgotten that it was closed on Mondays but as luck would have it the owner, Tham, and the chef were there and the chef suggested he could make us pizza or steak – we went inside and sat upstairs on the balcony. By this time Captain Caveman was definitely in a mood because he wasn’t going on holiday and we more or less ate the food in silence – I knew he should have gone by himself!

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