On Monday 28th June I got up early, half expecting the housekeeping staff to want to clean but they were busy with the villa opposite, Captain Caveman was in Phong Nha. I made pancakes as usual and I ate my breakfast while catching up on the news – I was so sad to read about a Vietnamese woman who died 1 day after her Corona diagnosis, more here:
Ho Chi Minh City was still getting worse with cases and I was surprised to read some of the measures being implemented, it was like reading about the plague, which I guess it is, more here:
This story was a little more light-hearted and if it wasn’t so serious this would have been funny:
I got messages from people who were all sharing information posted on Facebook by a visa agent stating that tourist visas were no longer going to be extended next month and that tourists should all book their flights home as soon as possible – we didn’t know if this was true or not.
By the time Captain Caveman returned from Phong Nha it was time for lunch so we just had Baba Ganoush – those aubergines had been a bargain buy! That evening The Villas had their curry night on but even though they were doing one of my favourites, butter chicken, we decided not to go because I’d been doing well to not eat any dairy, plus we were watching the pennies and would rather go to one of the other nights, instead. We decided Thursday’s fish and chip night would be a good one, then I could hand in my passport again for the next visa extension, if they were still doing them. For dinner Captain Caveman cooked us a pasta dish with bacon and I had a Strongbow cider to go with it and him a beer.
By the time we went to bed the visa extension debate was in full swing and other agents were saying that in order to extend in July you must have a flight out of Vietnam booked so that immigration can stamp up to your flight date and that it should be before the end of July. I decided to wait until tomorrow and see what the updates brought then, before rushing to book a flight out.

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