On Friday 13th August Captain Caveman had gone to work and I was awake at the same time as him so I had buttered toast and a couple of bananas for breakfast but then was ill with a terrible stomach ache immediately after.  In the news here in Vietnam, Saigon was extending the lockdown period until at least 31st August, possibly mid September, depending on which news you read. Here’s some info:
In Turkey one of the nearest big towns to where I would be, had quite a lot of cases and, despite a high rate of vaccination, Dalyan had some hotspots too. Melissa was in touch to say they had been loving being in Istanbul, where everything was so much more relaxed than in Vietnam, but they had decided to take on a house-sit next week not far from Kaş, about 2 hours drive from Dalyan.
I got the trusty rice cooker out once again and decided to make some soup. I used carrots, onion, garlic, mushrooms, vegetable stock, chicken stock and the ‘green beans’ to make a lovely soup of which I could refrigerate a couple of portions and freeze 2 more. I had a tester portion for lunch, it tasted good and made me feel better again. When I went out to tend to our small mushroom farm the staff had tied on some ribbon to hold it up with, which was really nice of them. Pizza night had moved from the Phong Nha Farmstay and was back at The Villas where it was their grand reopening. I’d checked to see if my passport was back and to arrange to pick it up there but was surprised to find it had already been given to Bich a couple of days ago. Veronika and I got a lift with Duyet in the jeep at 6pm and we drove to The Villas where Captain Caveman was sat enjoying Happy Hour and a Half with a few beers before going to the party at 7pm. He had found out that it was an anniversary of a death party which had been going on for most of the day. Veronika and I had a beer with Captain Caveman and then moved to sit at the bigger table, also outside. Trang, Andrew and Momma D arrived with the 2 year old boy and dog, Kevin. The bar had been moved and made it look a bit nicer inside but we were sat where the pool table was, right out the front.Veronika went walk about for a bit after she ordered a Greek salad, on special for 90,000vnd (£2.88), while I had been given the special pizza menu showing the ones that were available for only 100,000vnd (£3.20). I decided on the Momma D’s pizza which is really good and then, when the others ordered, they were told they could have any pizza on the whole menu for the reduced price, including my favourite one, the Showstopper – I wish I’d known! Kat, who I’d planned to meet, arrived just after 7pm, we discovered she was a hairdresser and Veronika was desperate for a haircut, Kat didn’t have her scissors so Momma D kindly stepped in and offered to bring Kevin’s new grooming set over to Kat at Jungle Boss tomorrow so that she could cut hair. Kat didn’t realise the pizzas were so big and ordered 2 (the showstopper and the smoked duck) for herself and we were laughing away, chatting about when we might leave Phong Nha and such. I had an extra slice of Kat’s pizza and she got the rest to take away. Captain Caveman decided not to cycle back home that night, but stay at the Glass House, he’d been hoping to have a drink with Watto before he left but Watto was still not too well. He did call me before bed, though, and had news of an interesting legal development which might just make things a bit more complicated for travelling to the airport from Phong Nha.

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