Captain Caveman had gone to work early on Thursday 12th August and I’d drifted back off to sleep. When I woke up I had a message from Duyet to say he had put my shopping on the kitchen table so I went down to look at what he’d managed to get.
I was completely astonished, he had managed everything but 2 things on the list, 1 of which had a replacement for something else instead, with a total spend of only 200,000vnd (£6.40) – I was impressed! The replacement was probably a language barrier as I had requested green beans but here, in Vietnam, the green beans are like a green split pea or lentil, they call them french beans for the long green beans we are familiar with. I had a banana and a croissant for my breakfast and caught up with the Corona news, a little later than usual. It was worrying to read that in Vietnam now, not just the old and vulnerable were dying of Corona and once people had been diagnosed they weren’t surviving too long either, more info here:
Captain Caveman went to Funny Monkeys in his lunch break and had an avocado smoothie. I had mini hot dogs with bread and tomato sauce (we were out of mustard) and another banana for my lunch. I spent the afternoon writing/editing blogs and going in the pool. When Captain Caveman got home from work he informed me of another party invitation which he wasn’t sure of the reason, it was next door to the Glass House and he suggested he hire a motorbike to come get me after work and we could stay at the Glass House that night and come home in the morning – tomorrow night was pizza night and I didn’t have many left so I decided it would be better for me to go to that instead, as I’d already agreed to meet friends.
For dinner I reheated a jackfruit seed masaman curry from the freezer and steamed some rice to go with it, usually when I have chicken masaman I am ill so I was wondering if I would be this time but was pleased that I wasn’t and really enjoyed the very filling meal. I’d still not heard about my passport and decided I would message to ask tomorrow, if I still hadn’t had an update, we were now 2 or 3 days after I was told I’d get my passport back.

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