The loudspeaker was early and extremely loud on Friday 20th August, Captain Caveman went to work and then called me to say there was a group of porters going for their 2nd vaccine and to be on standby so I got ready – nothing came of it, so still no vaccine! I had toast with cheese spread on for breakfast and read the news, as usual. I had to read this article just because of the headline – unbelievably kind in the circumstances:
It was reported that an even harsher lockdown in Saigon would start, from Monday as Corona deaths there are rising rapidly:
Meanwhile in Turkey, people who are fully vaccinated with Sinovac, but had not yet had a booster, were ending up in ICU with the Delta variant, here’s more info:
The housekeeping staff were in doing our rooms while Veronika was out at the Farmstay and so I took the opportunity to find things that needed using up to make some brownies. We had some dried bananas, which Captain Caveman had bought ages ago and they did not look appealing at all, plus the cocoa powder I didn’t like as drinking chocolate. I found a recipe that used those 2 ingredients plus some peanut butter and mixed them altogether then put them in the oven in trays for 15 minutes. I managed to catch my finger on the glass of the oven, burned it worse than I realised and didn’t run it under cold water, I just carried on as normal. The gluten and dairy free brownies looked good but the consistency wasn’t great, hopefully they would do as a snack. I did loads of washing up, watered the mushrooms and then I had a make-do lunch of steamed rice and sweetcorn with peanut salt because I knew we were having a feast tonight. After lunch I had a swim and then fell asleep on the sun lounger. It was pizza night at the The Villas tonight so Captain Caveman just got back home from work in time to get a lift with Ben at 6pm to The Villas, Veronika had already ridden her motorbike in because she had decided to have a night at The Villas for a bit of a ‘holiday’. 
We arrived and joined Veronika, who was sat peacefully by the river, but not for long as Jack, Max and Stu arrived and joined us, shortly followed by a new returning visitor to the town and Tatas. This week it was made clear that all pizzas from the whole menu were only 100,000vnd so I went for the Showstopper (prosciutto, blue cheese, fig jam and spring onion). Tatas went off piste and ordered a half and half pizza, Hawaiian and Classic which was a good idea. Jack happened to order Smoked Salmon pizza and was sat opposite me, they didn’t tell him they had no salmon but instead just brought him Smoked Duck (obviously because the name had the word smoked in both). Veronika had successfully managed to order and get the new dish of smoked duck and mushroom pasta which did look good. We had a really great night and we were sensible to not order 3 pizzas this time, in fact I brought a Tupperware box and took half of mine home, including a slice of Jack’s duck pizza, just to help him out.

Photo credit – Captain Caveman’s photo of the views

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