I had intended to weigh myself and do my measurements on the morning of Wednesday 2nd November, on account of me being due at Fat Club in the afternoon. However, I was still at Jamie’s without my scales and tape measure so it would have to be a surprise when I got there.
After slow walks because of my injured toes, then a 4 syn breakfast of bread with hazelnut and tahini dip, I spent time with Norman and Edna. I have always thought that when my hair was down I resembled a King Charles spaniel somewhat, so I took some selfies with Edna – I had clearly found my animal!
I drank a fair bit of water before Fat Club and was doing my best to avoid eating anything else before weigh in. Unfortunately, at 2.10pm I got peckish and ate a slice of cheese on toast which I definitely shouldn’t have had. At Fat Club my weigh-in wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and I had lost 0.3kg which was not even a pound, but still a loss. I treated myself to a small glass of soda water with ice and lemon for 20 lira (just less than £1), returned the last book I had borrowed, and chose another one, full of exciting recipes to spur me on a bit. Of course Captain Caveman thought it was hilarious that I’d lost 300g and said he could put that on and lose it within hours. Feeling a bit disheartened, but not surprised, I had 2 beers then a small glass of wine later on. Norman and Edna were really entertaining this evening too. I made the mistake of trying to tell them that Daddy was coming home tomorrow and I think they understood. Norman had an extreme fascination with licking my legs and just would not stop. Jamie reckons Edna is the licker in the family but I beg to differ. For dinner we had left over sausage cassoulet which says it serves 4 in the recipe but they never do with a Captain Caveman involved. The portions were small but we managed and Captain Caveman had plenty of bread with his.

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