Knowing that I had something arranged in the afternoon of Wednesday 14th December, I cracked on with getting stuff done in the morning. Captain Caveman went Dogging so I took Charlie out for a walk to Poo corner. At 2.30pm Kate came over to pick up her house key and pop some stuff in the freezer for Christmas day. Captain Caveman and I were looking forward to having our mate, Josh, over from Christmas Eve and we were happy to not be doing a traditional Christmas Day, we were in Turkey afterall.
At 3pm I got weighed at Fat Club where I had lost 1kg (2lb). This was good news as we were about to start our Christmas party at Nil Lounge where we had already pre-ordered food and prosecco. The place looked gorgeous, everyone was dressed up, except for me as I’d not taken many clothes over to Charlie’s. Kate and I had 3 bottles of fizz between us. Others from Fat Club were much more sensible and only had 1 bottle between 2. We also both ordered the mixed mezes as we didn’t want to eat a big main course but it was huge and I ended up taking quite a lot home. We had issues opening all of the bottles of wine, which Carol had got for us from outside of Dalyan, so Katherine got the knife out on them – for the price we didn’t care! The food was very good and we had a lovely afternoon which turned in to a late one for Ghislaine, Kate and I as we had a couple of beers in Mustang bar. We had tried to join the pool lads at Rehab but it had closed and they had all gone home. When I got home I was very tipsy having had a really good time with the Fat Club girls.

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