I wasn’t feeling too sprightly on Thursday 15th December so I wasn’t really looking forward to the afternoon invitation. Gay Gaz had invited a few people over for food, drink and carol singing at his place. Captain Caveman went Bumming in the morning while I looked after and walked Charlie. My parents were ready at their place when Captain Caveman and I arrived to walk to Gary’s party. We decided to take gin so that Captain Caveman could have his with tonic and I took cherry juice for mine. My parents took a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine and I wondered if they had underestimated how much they might need. When we arrived Debbie (Darling) and Roy were already there as well as 2 of Gary’s Turkish friends. John was there too but Andrea was at home sick and couldn’t come. Mark had made a recovery after being poorly and had arrived with Kate who had started to feel unwell. Sue, Janet, Kev, Engin and Sheila arrived while Liz & Dave and Rach & Nuri were last to arrive. Sue brought sausage rolls which were lovely and so my diet this week went out of the window, only a day after the last weigh-in. Gay Gaz had made gammon which was delicious and various friends had brought other tasty morsels. As you can probably imagine it turned in to an absolute piss up and a half! The 4 dogs (Jeffrey, George, Wilma and Linus) managed to get out of a bedroom and 2 escaped which cheesed off a neighbour. We sang loads of Christmas carols and it was hilarious. Once my Dad had drank his bottle of wine he and mom left but Captain Caveman and I stayed longer, enough for me to try a glass of Sheila’s homemade wine.

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