It was my last cat feeding session on Tuesday 13th December at Mark and Kate’s as, hopefully, they would be on the flight back from Gatwick this morning. I wasn’t sure if there definitely would be a flight due to the adverse weather conditions in England so I kept the house key when I left that morning. It was rainy and muddy on my way back. Both Captain Caveman and Charlie were still asleep and the house was quite messy. It was clear that Captain Caveman had forgotten I was due ‘home’ or he wasn’t excited to have me back. I had a shower and put some washing in while Captain Caveman got ready to go to Bridge and walked Charlie. At 11.10am, Turkish time, Mark and Kate’s flight had gone ahead and I was pleased they were coming back. I tidied and cleaned a bit then I walked Charlie before going to singing group. He had been restless, pleased to have me back but kept trying to keep me from typing.
I managed to not be called fat or pregnant at Singing group this week (always a bonus) and we sang a few Christmas carols, which was good and took me back to school assembly. There was a new couple there, which was nice, and the chap had ordered a beer, I’d not realised they had beer so I also ordered one. Kate and Vanessa had not made it but my mom had and we knew most of the Christmas songs between us.
Back at Charlie’s, Captain Caveman and I had beef stew for dinner with the jacket potatoes I’d done in the oven but the spuds didn’t turn out too good. It was nice to be back ‘home’ but it was clear that Captain Caveman wasn’t as pleased that I was. Thankfully, Charlie seemed very happy to see me so at least I was made welcome by one of them.

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