Wednesday 8th February was Fat Club day and it wasn’t looking good for any weight loss. I had consumed 376% of the Slimming World weekly syn allowance and almost half of it was in alcohol. There were only 2 days when I didn’t have any booze this week and my measurements were not good either;
Bust +3cm,
Waist +3cm,
Hips stayed the same
Right thigh +2cm,
Left thigh +3cm,
Right calf +1.5cm,
Left calf +2cm.
Even my legs were fatter!
I had toast with a cheese triangle and some winter tea for breakfast, then a ‘diet’ pizza for lunch. I decided that today would be a meat and alcohol free day and I also did a bit of a walk then called at the bank.
At Fat Club I made all my excuses as I went over to Carol’s scales; I had put weight on! This was no surprise but it was only 0.2kg (not even half a pound!) which was quite the miracle I needed. I heeded my own advice and had a 1.5 litre bottle of water which I made myself drink during the 1 hour meeting.
After Fat Club finished at 4pm, I headed over to Rehab bar. Vanessa had told me that she was bringing some goodies to celebrate Matt’s 60th birthday with the pool group. When I arrived it looked like the ‘party’ was over and, luckily for the diet, I’d missed the cakes! Kate had saved me a cheese and potato ‘sausage’ roll which was superb and I had 2 pieces of Turkish delight. In the interests of damage limitations, I stuck to soda water and was thinking the others would be giving the ball a right kick for Matt’s birthday. Matt didn’t seem in the mood and he, Vanessa and Brad left at around 5pm. It might be the last time I saw them, as Vanessa and Brad were going back to the UK on Friday. I had another soda water with Mark and Kate before going to the shops on my way home for dinner. Here’s what I bought:

Migros Supermarket
1 pot noodle 9.90
Milk 17.50
Walnuts 32.50
Total spent 59.90 lira (£2 60)

Şok Supermarket
Fresh bread 5.00
2 packets of jellies 9.00
1 packet of veggie ravioli 11.50
1 packet of meat ravioli 29.90
Total spent 45.50 lira (£1.97)

Back home I noticed that someone had chopped some branches down and they were in the way of the gate. It was bitterly cold so I had some french onion soup, Slimming World style, for dinner with the fresh bread. As I’d resisted alcohol I allowed myself 4 pieces of chocolate orange (only 10 syns).

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