I was back home in Dalyan before 11am on Sunday 12th February and I could not wait to get a shower and have a sleep! I’d had a short spell away from Dalyan and had been gone for 37 hours. After a cup of Yorkshire tea, I showered first then took out my leftover Sunday dinner (from Lukka bar last week) from the freezer. Next, I cooked and ate some mantı, a Turkish ravioli, as I was starving. Once in bed, I turned my phone on to Do not Disturb, I set my alarm for 7pm so that I could sleep for 7 hours then eat dinner and go back to bed.
At 7pm I put my Sunday dinner in the oven and added some additional sucuk, Turkish salami, to the chopped sprouts to make them a bit tastier. I also made up some gravy from an Oxo cube to freshen up and keep the beef moist. It was an absolute delight, my evening was relaxed and I was back in bed by midnight.

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