On Friday 16th December I felt ill when I woke up and I knew I had caught the bug that was going round. Captain Caveman walked Charlie then went to Bridge while I muddled through my To Do list. I did my weekly measurements to find I had lost 1cm from my bust, put 3cm on my waist and 2cm on my hips. My leg measurements still differed by 1cm.
When Captain Caveman came home neither of us could be bothered to cook so we had bread and leftover mezes from Nil lounge’s Fat Club party on Wednesday. Captain Caveman arranged to do a long walk tomorrow with friends and this time it was suitable to take Charlie as it was flat. He was going to suss out if it would be suitable enough for me to do it and then, if it was, I could perhaps do it with my parents and 007 on Christmas day.
I definitely had a flu type bug and by 3pm I was in bed unable to function. I tried to sleep but couldn’t and Katrina, who lives in the apartment below, got in touch to say her water leak downstairs was becoming a bigger problem so she was sending her hubby, Mehmet, round with a plumber, tomorrow.
For dinner we had leftover beef stew and I went straight back to bed, feeling terrible. I hoped I didn’t have Covid but the symptoms were starting to feel like it.

I was still unwell on Saturday 17th December, in fact I felt even worse. Captain Caveman brought me a bacon sandwich in bed and I stayed there all day and night. Captain Caveman let Mehmet and a man in to look at the bathroom, then he took Charlie with him to the market and then on his walk. Despite attempts to fix the leak I wasn’t sure it was fixed yet, but we would see. Captain Caveman was convinced it was something to do with pipes outside but nobody understood that.
In the afternoon I did a Covid test as I was getting worse – it was negative. Kate also had similar symptoms, was also in bed and negative. I had soup for lunch and tried to do some Turkish on Duolingo but found the new layout not as good as the original and the free version I use was not as easy to be able to do more than a few minutes at a time.
When Captain Caveman returned he had bought me more soup, strepsils and cough medicine. He made us french onion soup for tea and said they had all enjoyed their walk. Charlie was pleased to see me and wasn’t as tired after this walk as he was the first big one he did.

Photo credit – Captain Caveman took the photo of Charlie on his walk

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